TrackZilla tracks the actions associated with the calls alongside with the phone call sources and their amount. In other words if a company has advertised in many media (internet, TV, radio), the system can exactly show to the client from which media phone calls come, how many clients come from the different channels (media) and how much a client costs to the company. All these data combined with Google Analytics makes TrackZilla powerful marketing tool.

How was done tracking of the actions until now?

Based on the asumption that if a call lasts longer than certain period of time (30 secs, 1 minunte) other phone call tracking systems consider these calls as coversions or leads. This is totaly inaccurate! Imagine a customer sees your ads and calls you just to thank you or to ask for help. And this call lasts more than 1 minute. Is this a conversion? Totaly NO!!!

How does TrackZilla work?

Imagine you have a marketing budget of a hundred thousand euros (100,000). You spend fifty thousands (50,000) for TV advertising, thirty thousands (30,000) for radio advertising and twenty thousands (20,000) for internet ads. In result you get:

- one thousand (1,000) calls from TV 50% of which convert to sales i.e. one client costs a hundred (100) euros
- five hundred (500) calls from radio 20% of which convert to sales i.e. one client costs three hundred (300) euros
- two thousand (2,000) calls from internet ads 40% of which convert to sales i.e. one client costs only twenty five (25) euros.

It is obvious that the money spent on internet ads are the best spent money in the advertising campaign.

All these data (the number of phone calls, the number of sales, the phone call sources etc.) are gathered, recorded, processed and presented by our Trackzilla service.

TrackZilla - How it Works

How are actions tracked?

After a call being made, a web interface opens to an operator/salesperson from the company where (s)he writes down the action and/or other information the client provides.

If the action is a purchase, the salesperson writes the number of items the client bought.

If the item has been associated with a price, TrackZilla automatically calculates the value of the purchase.

How is the above information combined with Google Analytics?

After the salesperson picks up the phone, TrackZilla creates an event in Google Analytics

The event contains information like the type of the action and the value of the purchase (if this is the case).

These events should be converted to goals (create goal from events) and the information is ready to be analyzed.

Other possible applications of TrackZilla

With some modifications TrackZilla can be used for creating pay-per-call advertising platform.

Affiliate networks - TrackZilla allows every affiliate partner to have his/her own phone number thus saving the partners the discomfort of leaking traffic.

TrackZilla can be used to monitor the calls to a company, when the calls are answered or of they are answered at all, the length of the calls etc.